Will They Escape?


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In Will They Escape?, Daniel Huiet reveals the teamwork lessons he has decoded from behind the scenes of his escape room business. Covering observations ranging from the classic differences such as age and gender, all the way down to the small words people use that create a big impact. But it is not only how the teams functioned as a whole, but how the individual affected the group with their attitude: the superstars who went unnoticed, know-it-alls, an interesting first date, and even a ghost!

Huiet analyzed thousands of people and the methods they used to work through his escape rooms and noticed the behaviors of teams that succeeded and the patterns of teams that collapsed. How people used words or what actions they took could either uplift a group to success or tear the group down. Under pressure, even the most trained among us can burst like a frozen pipe and the people you least expect can rise to the occasion and win in record-breaking fashion. Light-hearted tales interspersed with lessons, this unique perspective on human interaction and cooperation is an insight into how each individual action leads to escape...or failure.

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