Computer Science Education


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Drawing together the most up-to-date research from experts all across the world, Computer Science Education provides full, current coverage of a teaching subject that's still developing. It offers the most up-to-date coverage available on this developing subject, ideal for building confidence of new PGCE students teaching a very new discipline, exploring key concepts, pedagogical approaches and assessment practices.

Highlights include:
- a comprehensive taxonomy of programming misconceptions from Juha Sorva
- an up-to-date discussion of computational thinking by Shuchi Grover and Roy Pea
- a detailed look at issues of equity in computer science education by Jill Denner and Shannon Campe
- teachers' and pupils' attitudes are considered by Quintin Cutts and Peter Donaldson
- Paul Curzon and colleagues explore a range of different strategies for teaching computer science concepts
- Ira Diethelm and her colleagues highlight the difficulties presented by the language we use to talk about computer science.

The book is structured to support the reader with chapter outlines, synopses and key points. Explanations of key concepts, real-life examples and reflective points keep the theory grounded in classroom practice.

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