State of The Art Marketing Research


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This completely revised and updated edition of State of the Art Marketing Research is still the only comprehensive, all-in-one resource for planning, conducting, and applying marketing research in today's results-oriented environment. Clear, concise, and authoritative, the book describes the technologies that have revolutionized the marketing research discipline and have transformed the day-to-day practice of marketing research into an invaluable tool for actionable plans and programs. Written for managers and marketing executives who direct or communicate with researchers and marketing staff, this book takes the reader step-by-step through the research planning and development process:

  • Defining marketing problems and preparing research plans and proposals
  • Selecting the best primary and secondary research methods for the problem at hand
  • Developing samples and questionnaires
  • Using focus groups
  • Presenting research results
  • Applying research results to marketing problems
  • Making research-based strategy decisions

Including new information on research for international markets and guidance on using the new technologies to develop information about today's fast-changing markets with examples from all sectors of business, this edition is an essential guide to the cutting-edge techniques for mastering today's markets.

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