The Market Research Toolbox


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An ideal resource for those who want to conduct market research but have little experience in doing so, The Market Research Toolbox describes how to think of market research in the context of making a business decision. The book begins by defining market research and discussing some of the various types and techniques. It then examines what objectives can be met by doing market research and the expected payoffs. Six traditional market research techniques are covered - secondary research, customer visits, focus groups, surveys, choice modelling and experimentation. The author describes how each technique works along with its costs and uses, tips for success, when and how to use certain techniques and precautions to take while using them. Next, McQuarrie discusses nontraditional types of market research that have evolved in recent years to meet the needs of business-to-business marketers and technology firms. The volume concludes with a chapter on five common business applications that can be addressed by combining several individual research techniques into a research strategy.

New to the Second Edition:

- Chapters 1 and 2 have been extensively revised and updated based on feedback from students.

- Chapter 3 on secondary research includes a new section on Internet research.

- Chapter 6 will be split into two chapters, one to focus on survey research procedures and the other to focus on questionnaire design.

- Chapter 7 will be revised to focus almost exclusively on conjoint analysis, a key tool.

- Chapter 9 will be deleted, and relevant material will be moved to other chapters.

- Chapter 10 will be expanded to include new topics such as forecasting

- An Instructors Resource on CD-ROM will be made available to lecturers adopting the book for course use. It contains PowerPoint slides, case questions, teaching notes for suggested cases that can be linked to the book, and a sample syllabus.

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