The SAGE Handbook of Service-Dominant Logic


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Service-Dominant Logic presents a major paradigm shift in thinking about value creation and markets, moving from a ‘goods/product’ logic to a logic that treats the process of service provision as the basis of all exchange, both commercial and social. This timely Handbook brings together chapters written by a stellar cast of expert authors from around the globe, arranged around eleven core themes, to provide a comprehensive overview of key issues, developments, debates and potential future directions for this dynamic field of study:

Part 1: Introduction and Background

Part 2: Value Cocreation

Part 3: Service Exchange

Part 4: Service Ecosystems

Part 5: Institutions and Institutional Arrangements

Part 6: Resources and Resource Integration

Part 7: Actors and Practices

Part 8: Innovation

Part 9: Midrange Theory

Part 10: Selected Applications

Part 11: Reflections and Prospects

This Handbook is an essential reference text for scholars, students, consultants and advanced practitioners across a wide range of business & management practices and academic disciplines.

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