Advances in Digital Science


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This book gathers selected papers that were submitted to the 2021 International Conference on Advances in Digital Science (ICADS 2021) that aims to make available the discussion and the publication of papers on all aspects of single and multi-disciplinary research on Conference topics ( ICADS 2021 was held on February 19-21, 2021. An important characteristic feature of Conference is the short publication time and world-wide distribution. Written by respected researchers, the book covers a range of innovative topics related to: Advances in Digital Agriculture & Food Technology, Advances in Digital Economics, Advances in Digital Education, Advances in Public Health Care, Hospitals & Rehabilitation, Advances in Digital Social Media, Advances in Digital Technology & Applied Sciences, Advances in E-Information Systems, and Advances in Public Administration. This book is useful for private and professional non-commercial research and classroom use (e.g. sharing the contribution by mail or in hard copy form with research colleagues for their professional non-commercial research and classroom use); for use in presentations or handouts for any level students, researchers, etc.; for the further development of authors scientific career (e.g. by citing, and attaching contributions to job or grant application).

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