Green Marketing and Management in Emerging Markets


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Adverse environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions and chemical spills have put the topic of green business firmly on the sustainability agenda. Despite the burgeoning literature on green business and green marketing from the globalised north, there is relative parsimony of green business literature in the global south. This book offers a greater understanding of what green marketing is, as well as the various levels of practices and the implementations thereof. It places specific emphasis on the people through which green marketing excellence can be achieved. Contributors argue that, given the complexity of green marketing, people management plays a key role in achieving green marketing success, and the chapters consider the role that green human resource management practices play in marketing.

Providing a unique perspective on the successful implementation of green marketing, this book is an important resource for students, researchers and practitioners. It is of particular interest to those who desire a greater understanding of how organisations deal internally and externally with increasing pressure to become more socially responsible and embed ‘greenness’ in all their marketing activities.

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