Online Marketing Heroes


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"E-commerce is an evolution. You don't have to get everything right immediately; you can learn from it."
— Lauren Freedman, the e-tailing group, inc.

"Focus on the user, build for the long view, and the money will come."
— Greg Hartnett, Best of the Web, Hotel Hotline

"No matter how much you spent on it, a web site is invisible until somebody links to it."
— Eric Ward, Link Marketing Consultant

"[If] you can get the PR people interacting with the search people, they will discover that there's lots of things they can do together."
— Greg Jarboe, SEO-PR

come talk shop with the best

Suppose you could sit down with 25 of the most successful online marketing pros in the business and just talk shop. Suppose that included PR people, copywriters, direct marketing gurus, consultants. Suppose you could get input from the creative cubicle-dwellers as well as executives managing multimillion-dollar marketing firms. You could learn proven skills and techniques that would revolutionize your marketing efforts.

That discussion is packaged in these pages. Whether you're a veteran marketing professional or a novice entering the field, you can't afford to miss this wisdom.

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