Online Marketing Revealed


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The concepts covered in this book outline the basic steps to getting started with online marketing. Each topic discussed is important to building a solid online presence for any business. Each website has a unique product or purpose and unique users. The "Chicks" who have developed internet marketing strategy for such notable brands as Fairmont, Marriott and Nova Scotia Tourism, recommend starting at the beginning by understanding your users and how they navigate through the web. Is your audience Internet savvy? Do they spend most of their time online in search engines? Perhaps your target audience is not comfortable with transacting online or maybe your users are active in social networks and your brand is not available to them there. Don’t focus on the latest and greatest technology, build your online marketing strategy around your user and both consumers and the search engines will find you.

A Couple of Chicks e-Marketing is a leading online marketing firm taking a non intimidating approach to search engine optimization, paid search marketing, social media marketing and online PR. The “Chicks” have published over 30 articles, produce a successful online marketing Blog;, co-founded and produce the Online Revealed Conference series, with support from brands including Google, Yahoo!, Travelzoo, Orbitz, and more. They have worked with such notable brands as Marriott International, Destination Halifax, and Niagara Falls Tourism - and their popular Get Cracking e-marketing workshops have been held across North America for organizations such as Travel Alberta and the Travel Media Association of Canada. They’ve also been featured in the Globe and Mail and have won numerous awards.

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