PHP Functions Essential Reference


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Annotation The definitive reference to all the PHP functions and features through PHP 4.0. Co-authored by the leading developers in the PHP community. Provides developers with clearly illustrated functions and detailed examples that they can keep at their fingertips. Every function write-up has an example in the book or on the web site. The book has been written for working developers and every function reviewed at the source code level. PHP Functions Essential Reference is a simple, clear and authoritative functional reference that clarifies and expands upon PHP's existing documentation. This book will help the reader write effective code that makes full use of the rich variety of functions available in PHP. PHP is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. PHP is available on over 36% of Apache Web servers. It is also a great alternative to ASP, Cold Fusion and Perl. Readers can download a copy of the book on Graeme Merrall is Senior Developer for the Internet arm of a major television station in Sydney, Australia. Graeme has been developing in PHP since version 2 and has authored a number of tutorials on the use of PHP. Zak Greant is lead developer for 51 Degrees North and is a proud member of the Foo & Associates programmer's co-operative. He leads the PHP Quality Assurance Team and an active contributor to the PHP documentation, mailing lists and source code. Lars Torben Wilson is a freelance developer, technical writer, and member of the Foo & Associates programmer's co-operative. He has been professionally programming in PHP since late 1996, and has been a major contributing author to the official PHP manual and an active member of the PHP community since 1997. He currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. Brett Michlitsch, is a producer/senior developer at a leading multimedia training development company based in Minneapolis, MN. As a leader in software design and development, Brett has mentored aspiring developers, lead in-services on database design and software architecture, and been recognized by colleagues for his outstanding technical feats. In addition, he has led the design of several Web sites and Web applications, overseeing the database, business logic, and interface design, and using scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, and Perl to carry out his designs.

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