Homeland Security Technologies for the 21st Century


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Designed for students entering or currently working in the safety, security, and emergency management disciplines in the public or private sectors, this textbook presents a broad array of homeland security technology types from the viewpoint of end-user applications and homeland security mission areas. The authors investigate various theories behind the use of technologies and assess the importance of technologies for achieving goals and objectives. The content includes not only technical capabilities but also a blend of sample applications of technologies using an all-hazards framework and use cases at all levels of practice, including both the public and private sectors.

The authors provide an overview of preparedness applications; preventive and protective systems; and mitigation, response, and recovery technologies. Topics such as ethical and privacy concerns associated with implementing technologies and use of the Internet and social media receive special attention. In addition to readers directly involved in the security disciplines, this book will be useful for students in technical fields of study such as geographic information systems (GIS), computer science, or engineering who are seeking information on standards, theories, and foundations underlining homeland security technologies.

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