Fundamentals of Nursing: Clinical Skills Workbook - eBook ePub


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Directly aligned to the 6th edition of Potter and Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing, this Clinical skills workbook by Geraldine Rebeiro, Damian Wilson and Stacey Fuller allows Australian and New Zealand undergraduate nursing students to apply clinical skills to the real world effectively and according to contemporary local best practice standards.

Clear instructions and reflective learning support students to work through and master 81 clinical skills featured in the Potter and Perry’s text and this Skills workbook. Detailed checklists and assessment tools enable both students and assessors to track progress.

Comprehensively updated and revised, the Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical Skills workbook 4e is an essential tool to support students to become confident and effective nurses.

  • 81 updated Clinical Skills, linking applied nursing skills to real-world best practice. Each skill features:
    • Overview
    • A focus on therapeutic relationships and patient considerations
    • Equipment checklist
    • A step-by-step approach
    • Critical decision points
    • Competency checklist and revised rating scale
    • Reflection opportunity

  • Aligned to Potter and Perry’s fundamentals of nursing ANZ 6e
  • Comprehensively updated to ensure currency with contemporary practice
  • Extended skills to those in the core text to reflect more advanced practice
  • 4 NEW skills: blood-glucose levels; Doppler for assessment of pulses; bladder scan; and nursing informatics, as well as an updated skill on neurovascular assessment
  • Figures now included to illustrate particular steps in a skill
  • New skill featuring nursing informatics competency assessment tool (linked to online chapter in core text)
  • Amended Bondy rating scale for a generic assessment

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