Doing Business in Emerging Markets


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This volume presents a comprehensive analysis of the business, financial and economic aspects of emerging markets. Using case studies from India, Turkey, Bangladesh and Africa, it discusses themes such as megaprojects, infrastructure and sustainability; cross-border mergers and acquisitions; a new paradigm for educational markets; exports competitiveness; work engagement in service sector; mobile banking and crowdfunding; and venture capital flow into emerging economies, to focus on the trade, foreign investment, financial, and social progress of these economies. The chapters review the current state, learnings, changing scenarios, business practices, and financial and economic perspectives across emerging markets while examining progression, challenges and the way forward.

With its rigorous approach and topical content, this book will be useful to scholars and researchers of management studies, business management, financial management, business economics, international business, finance and marketing, development studies and economics. It will also interest policymakers and practitioners in the field.

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