Oracle SQL*Plus


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SQLPlus is available at every Oracle site--from the largest data warehouse to the smallest single-user system--and it's a critical tool for virtually every Oracle user. Despite its wide use, few developers and DBAs know how powerful a tool SQLPlus can be.

This pocket reference provides quick reference information that will help you use SQLPlus, Oracle's interactive query tool. It summarizes all of the SQLPlus syntax, including the syntax for the Oracle9i release. This book boils down the most vital information from Gennick's best-selling book, "Oracle SQL8Plus: The Definitive Guide", into an accessible summary and works as a vital companion to the larger book. It concisely describes interacting with SQLPlus, selecting data, formatting reports with SQLPlus, and tuning SQL queries. It also contains quick references to the SQL*Plus commands and format elements.

The new 2nd edition of our Oracle SQLPlus Pocket Reference includes many new features for Oracle9i (e.g., COALESCE function, searched CASE expressions, new table join syntax, partition operations, MERGE statement, and syntax changes in existing SQLPlus statements such as ACCEPT, DESRIBE, HELP, and SET) It also adds sections on basic SQL (a much-requested feature): INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, SELECT, and transaction management. The pocket reference size is especially appropriate for this particular subject, since Oracle SQL*Plus is used on every possible platform, it's particularly convenient to be able to carry a small book around from office computer to home computer to laptop.

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