B2B Marketing


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In the present days of International Trade (year 2014), India’s Trade deficit or the current account deficit runs to nearly $40 Billion. This represents more than 2% of the national GDP. In view of this large deficit, the country faces unprecedented inflation. India’s major exports include Information Technology, pharmaceuticals, as well as gems and jewellery. Manufactured goods, automobiles and heavy machinery intended for manufacturing purposes account for very little when compared to countries like China, Japan, Germany and South Korea. Therefore, it is imminent that quality of such products manufactured in the country meets the international standards. In addition, innovative marketing techniques need to be adopted by individuals and companies to position our products globally. Most of the international trade takes place between Business to Business rather than Business to Consumer directly. The book focuses on this sector of Business, namely, Business to Business Marketing. Needless to say, text material provided will be useful for industrialists, technocrats as well as regular management students. The book will be available in –http://www.amazon.in/

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