Intelligent Data-Analytics for Condition Monitoring


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Intelligent Data-Analytics for Condition Monitoring: Smart Grid Applications looks at intelligent and meaningful uses of data required for an optimized, efficient engineering processes. In addition, the book provides application perspectives of various deep learning models for the condition monitoring of electrical equipment. With chapters discussing the fundamentals of machine learning and data analytics, the book is divided into two parts, including i) The application of intelligent data analytics in Solar PV fault diagnostics, transformer health monitoring and faults diagnostics, and induction motor faults and ii) Forecasting issues using data analytics which looks at global solar radiation forecasting, wind data forecasting, and more.

This reference is useful for all engineers and researchers who need preliminary knowledge on data analytics fundamentals and the working methodologies and architecture of smart grid systems.

  • Features deep learning methodologies in smart grid deployment and maintenance applications
  • Includes coding for intelligent data analytics for each application
  • Covers advanced problems and solutions of smart grids using advance data analytic techniques

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