Informed Systems


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By fostering principles of systems thinking and informed learning though an inclusive, participatory design process that advances information exchange, reflective dialogue, and knowledge creation, the Informed Systems Approach promotes conceptual change in workplace organizations. Informed Systems explores theory-based participatory action research and provides examples of agile process models for activating sustainable design, dialogue, and reflection processes in today’s organizations. This book also examines forward thinking frameworks for academic libraries, and how they can be used in the context of dynamically changing scholarly communications. Chapters further the expression of collaborative information practices that enrich information experiences by simultaneously advancing both situated domain knowledge and transferable learning capacity. Design (and redesign) activities well integrated into the workplace culture are expressed through sustainable processes and practices that produce rich information experiences. Informed learning both promotes and sustains continuous learning, including collective reflection on information sources, collaborative practices, and systems functionalities. In these ways, transferable topical understandings and information resiliency manifest action oriented intention to ensure improvements of real world situations.

  • Transferable critique of the leadership issues facing contemporary library organizations across the globe
  • Agile process models for activating sustainable design, dialogue, and reflection processes in today’s organizations
  • Theory-based participatory action research illustrations of the efficacy of systems thinking interventions
  • Forward thinking frameworks for academic libraries in dynamically changing scholarly communications contexts
  • Proven organizational transformation strategies, building upon theoretical concepts, for nimble responsiveness

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