Reimagining Businesses with AI


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Discover what AI can do for your business with this approachable and comprehensive resource

Reimagining Businesses with AI acquaints readers with both the business challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid growth and progress of artificial intelligence. The accomplished authors and digital executives of the book provide you with a multi-industry approach to understanding the intersection of AI and business.

The book walks you through the process of recognizing and capitalizing on AI’s potential for your own business. The authors describe:

  • How to build a technological foundation that allows for the rapid implementation of artificial intelligence
  • How to manage the disruptive nature of powerful technology while simultaneously harnessing its capabilities
  • The ethical implications and security and privacy concerns raised by the spread of AI

Perfect for business executives and managers who seek a jargon-free and approachable manual on how to implement artificial intelligence in everyday operations, Reimagining Businesses with AI also belongs on the bookshelves of anyone curious about the interaction between artificial intelligence and business.

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