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Market_Desc: Novice programmers; no previous programming experience required.

Special Features: " Rod Stephens is a well-known authority on Microsoft programming--his Visual Basic Programmer's Reference has sold more than 23,000 copies in two editions. " Unique Book/Video Package: Each lesson in the print product is supplemented by an instructional video, included on the accompanying DVD." Perfect for beginners: no previous programming experience is required." Fully covers the latest release of Visual C#." The author will create a new online C# community, called CSharpHelper, patterned after his successfull VBHelper website.

About The Book: This book is a self-paced guide to C# programming in the Visual Studio environment. Easy-to-follow lessons, reinforced by step-by-step instructions, screencasts, and supplemental exercises, allow readers of all learning styles to master Visual C# programming quickly and painlessly. The book's scope is limited to an introduction to Visual C# programming. It starts from scratch, assuming the reader has little or no programming experience, and provides an introduction to Visual C# programming and to Visual Studio.The book is divided into lessons that begin with a discussion of a particular concept or technique. After describing the main concept, the lesson includes a Try It section that invites the reader to perform a programming exercise to solidify the lesson's ideas.The Try It has several subsections. Goals describes the exercise so the reader knows what should happen. Hints gives pointers about possible confusing aspects of the problem if they are needed. Step-by-Step provides a numbered series of steps that show how to solve the problem.A screencast on the accompanying DVD shows the author working through the Try It problem. Additional commentary at the end of the screencast highlights extensions of the lesson's main concepts.After the Try It's Step-by-Step section, the text concludes with a series of exercises that the reader can solve for further practice and to expand the lesson's main ideas.

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