Responsible Management in Emerging Markets


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Responsible Management in Emerging Markets: A Multisectoral Focus is in response to the dearth of literature on responsible management in emerging economies. It discusses diverse themes at the intersection of corporate social responsibility (CSR), green business (marketing) and sustainability management, with the view to addressing some begging issues in responsible management.

Hinged on the centrality of SDG 12 (responsible production and consumption), this volume focusses on how businesses, nations, and continents across the globe can actualize a sustainable paradigm, now and in the future. It offers fresh theoretical, policy, and managerial insights into the complex processes and relationships that mediate businesses’ ability to deliver on their social development promise, through sustainability and green initiatives.

This book discusses some forward and backward linkages between the emerging economy context and responsible management. Featuring cognate topics on CSR, green marketing, green fashion and green entrepreneurship, it offers a Sustainable Development Roadmap (SDR) that is applicable for businesses in emerging economies. This volume is a valuable resource for professionals and academics in emerging economies who desire to understand how firms are demonstrating responsible management through green initiatives, corporate social responsibility and sustainable policies and practices.

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