Green Marketing in Emerging Economies


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Literature on green marketing continues to gain traction in the sustainability discourse, focusing on core subject areas such as green product development, green marketing strategy and green advertising. Achieving green marketing success encompasses influencing, orientating, and communicating green offerings of an organisation to the consumers. Emerging markets particularly provide unique opportunities for green product innovations to thrive due to their rapid industrialisation and economic growth; hence the value proposition of organisations must be rightly communicated to the consumers.

The book is part of a multi-volume work that highlights the goals of green marketing, such as influencing consumers’ green adoption, behaviour, and attitude towards sustainability practices.

This book provides insights to researchers, students and practitioners interested in marketing and sustainability initiatives in the context of emerging markets. It is also recommended for marketing managers and brand consultants who desire an in-depth understanding of how to communicate their organisation’s green offerings while positioning the organisation as a green brand to influence consumers’ green purchasing behaviours.

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